The main focus of our research and development work lies in continuing to develop technologies and methods for generating and interpreting omics data. L&B Genomics sees itself as a leader in translating new scientific developments into high-quality service products. Our R&D activities also include using omics data to establish new diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in medicine: in this regard, L&B Genomics profits from its close proximity to research working groups at the Institute of Human Genetics and other working groups at the University Hospital of Bonn.

Together with Centre National de Génotypage in Paris and Erasmus University Rotterdam, LIFE & BRAIN Genomics is one of the founding partners of the European Global Screening Array Consortium.

LIFE & BRAIN Genomics is one of two European commercial service providers to offer third generation sequencing analyses using PacBio Sequel Technology. And we are currently establishing the following services and continue to steadily develop them further:

  • DNA-Amplikonsequenzierung
  • De-novo Sequenzierung von Genomen
  • Re-sequenzierung von Genomen
  • Iso-Seq RNA Sequenzierung

LIFE & BRAIN Genomics is part of numerous national and international research projects such as the European consortia IMAGEMEND, environMENTAL and the project INA.