L&B NeuroEconomics

L&B NeuroEconomics

With our knowledge of human behaviour founded firmly in neuroscience, the NeuroEconomics platform supports clients in almost all areas of business, from managing staff to addressing customers. Which findings from research into neuroscience and behavioural economics can I use for myself and my company? How do I influence the behaviour of my customers, contractual partners or staff? In the field of product design and marketing we address the following questions with neuroscientific methods: What reactions do my products and advertising materials provoke in the customer? How well do customers remember advertising messages and how reliably are these retained in their memories? What value does a potential customer assign to a brand or product? How is my brand or product perceived?

Below is a brief overview of our services and methods.

Coaching and Consulting

Research into the fields of neuroscience and psychology is revealing new findings with ever increasing frequency. It is not possible for companies to keep track of all these developments, so we support our clients by collating and filtering these findings to make them more accessible. Naturally, in terms of content, we consult closely with clients to determine the focus of our consultancy, training and CPD services.

Using the latest methods from the field of brain research, we analyse products, marketing and brands in terms of their explicit and implicit impact. Among others, we employ the following methods:

  • functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)
  • eye tracking technology
  • Implicit Association Tests (IAT)
  • explicit surveys

Deutsche Post – DHL, Unilever, Deutsche Telekom, EDEKA, Rossmann, Bünting

  • Center for Economics and Neuroscience (CENs)
  • Brian Knutson (Stanford University)
  • Hilke Plassmann (INSEAD)
  • Kochstrasse