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L&B Genomics

LIFE & BRAIN Genomics is one of the leading European service providers for array-based omics analyses. We support our customers from academia, industry and the healthcare sector with innovative products and scientific expertise from project planning to data analysis.

Due to our close cooperation with the Institute of Human Genetics in Bonn, LIFE & BRAIN Genomics is in constant communication with the research community and is continually developing new applications for generating and interpreting omics data. This is also reflected in the excellent track records of our staff in this field.

Our services encompass the following areas:


Structured sample management and optimum biobanking conditions form the basis of any successful analysis.

This includes optimum storage conditions for various biomaterials, standardised extraction methods, a comprehensive quality control system and thorough documentation, as well as preparing working solutions for the planned analyses.

LIFE & BRAIN Genomics has a number of different robotics systems at its disposal for preparing samples.

The samples are stored in 2D matrix tubes and barcoded racks. Using our in-house Unique Sample Identifier (USI), the sample coding allows your sample to be tracked closely through the laboratory.

Our upright freezers and nitrogen tanks are fitted with temperature monitoring systems, facilitating the safe long-term storage of biomaterials.

Our biobanking services include:

  • storing biomaterials (blood, DNA, RNA, serum etc.)
  • automated nucleic acid extraction
  • DNA/RNA concentration measurement and normalisation
  • reformatting storage formats (single tubes to plate formats, 96-well to 384-well formats)

DNA or RNA isolation is the starting point for most omics analyses.

We have extraction robots which make it possible to carry out the standardised extraction of high-molecular DNA and high-quality RNA from a wide range of different biomaterials (please see below).

We are able to rely on many years of expertise in establishing and applying a wide range of extraction protocols and we use this expertise to help optimise the extraction methods for your particular project.

We are also happy to advise you in selecting a suitable collection system to ensure the optimum quality of your sample.

We offer DNA extraction from:

  • whole blood (fresh or frozen)
  • buffy coat
  • saliva
  • tissue
  • cell pellets

We offer RNA extraction from:

  • PAXgene blood samples
  • tissue
  • cell pellets

As standard, we carry out photometric checks on all extracted nucleic acids in terms of quality and quantity.

In addition, we are able to provide the following services:

  • DNA concentration measurement using PicoGreen
  • RNA concentration measurement using QuantIT
  • quality checks using BioAnalyzer
  • normalisation to specific concentrations
  • aliquoting samples
  • biobanking

LIFE & BRAIN Genomics provides a broad spectrum of genotyping possibilities from single variants to genome-wide analysis.

We are happy to advise you on the selection of a suitable platform for your query.

As a certified service provider for Illumina Propel, we have many years of experience in generating high-quality array data.

Since 2016, LIFE & BRAIN Genomics has been a leading member of the European Global Screening Array Consortium.

Our genotyping services include:

  • genome-wide array-based genotyping using Illumina BeadArrays
  • genotyping single variants (SNPs, CNVs) using real-time PCR
  • analysis of candidate variants using Agena Bioscience iPLEX®
  • molecular karyotyping

The analysis of epigenetic mechanisms is increasingly gaining in importance.

LIFE & BRAIN Genomics offers the latest techniques for analysing DNA methylation patterns.

We are pleased to be able to advise you during the planning phase on the design, sample preparation and quality control of your sample to enable you to achieve the best possible results for your investigation.

Our services include:

  • genome-wide analysis using Illumina Methylation Array
  • analysis of selected CpG sites or promoter regions using Agena Bioscience’s MassaARRAY® EpiTYPER assay®

The analysis of mRNA and microRNA expression is an important step in the investigation of pathophysiological mechanisms and the identification of biomarkers.

We are pleased to be able to advise you during the planning phase on the design, the sample collection and the RNA extraction as well as the selection of a suitable platform for your query.

Our services for gene expression analysis include:

  • microRNA and mRNA expression analysis using Applied Biosystems™ Microarrays
  • quantitative real-time PCR
  • PacBio IsoSeq

LIFE & BRAIN Genomics is one of the few European service providers to offer third generation sequencing analyses using PacBio Sequel Technology.

The single molecule, real-time (SMRT) sequencing is suitable for a large number of applications and, thanks to read lengths of >20kb, facilitates a deep insight into the entire spectrum of genetic variability (including structural variants) as well as alleles-specific haplotype phasing.

The quality and molecular weight of the initial sample have a significant influence on the success of the experiment. We give advice and support in selecting the most appropriate extraction method.

We are currently establishing and continuing to steadily develop the following services:

  • DNA amplicon sequencing
  • de novo genome sequencing
  • genome resequencing
  • Iso-Seq RNA sequencing

Bioinformatics play an important part in data preparation and data analysis. LIFE & BRAIN Genomics has the relevant servers and experienced bioinformatics specialists at its disposal – specialists who are familiar with the most common evaluation pipelines.

Based on our own scientific interests in evaluating larger omics data sets, we are happy to support you with the following analyses:

  • quality control of array-based data
  • genome-wide association studies
  • imputation
  • analysis of DNA methylation

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